Annual Energies Explained

Your Nine Year Cycle

What you will experience in each of the 9 years.

Year 1 - Year of - Purpose

Energy Experience

Purposeful Preparation

Year 2 - Year of - Planning

Energy Experience

Practical Planning

Year 3 - Year of - Performance

Energy Experience

Performing with Precision

Year 4 - Year of - Pioneering

Energy Experience

Pioneerig – Sewing Seeds

Year 5 - Year of - Powering Up

Energy Experience

Powerful Transformation

Year 6 - Year of - Planet

Energy Experience

Planet and Purpose Focus

Year 7 - Year of - Playfulness

Energy Experience

Playful Pleasure

Year 8 - Year of - Peacefulness

Energy Experience

Peace and Wisdom

Year 9 - Year of - Passion and Pride

Energy Experience

Passion and Pride

Purposeful Preparation

A year of self-reflection. A year of purposeful preparation for the next cycle of 9 years. A year to go within, connect with your inner nature. Find your true self, the authentic you.

A year to find harmony with your inner yin yang balance. Take a deeper view on life to create a good foundation for the next 9 years.
Do Meditation, Thai Chi, Yoga, Tantra etc… enjoy. 

Advice for year 1:

Do not launch major projects. 

Do less activity to avoid exhaustion. Not a time for innovation or starting new projects. Be careful with money. Not a year for being recognised or receiving fame... that was last year… now is your time to rest. Take a break and have a relaxing and peaceful year.

Planning and Preparation

People are on your mind this year. This is a year of planning and preparing yourself and others for the future, for future success. Plan your strategy for future action. This is a year of caring, a year of considering your life for the next few years. 

This is a year of focusing on the future. A year of gathering family together, planning, a year of bringing teams together and obtaining feedback and how to improve your operations in future. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.


This is a year of new beginnings, the dawn of a new era of your life. An ideal time to launch new projects. A year of giving birth, a year of implementing, plans, proceeding, initiate projects. Sprouting Seeds. Your vocal and physical expression will increase like thunder and lightening. 

Wow, your enthusiasm will be overflowing. This is a year of revolution, you can really make things happen. Take care with your high energy – don’t be ungrounded and overlook detail due to your enthusiasm. So be precise, implement, processes and procedures to ensure your plans go to plan. Great thing are possible. 

This is a year of possibility. Great fortunes from possible ventures from the past will flow and expand… if you have planted the right seeds. A year of Expansion.



A year of sowing seeds of change. A year to spread your wings and fly. A year to go with the flow. Over the last 3 years you have prepared yourself (year 1), set clear plans (year 2), implemented clear processes and procedures to perform (year 3) and Year 4 is a year to go with the flow and fly. 

You know where you are going… sow seeds, generate new ideas and expand your thinking… Expand your horizons. Pace yourself and keep yourself on track. This is a year of rapid growth without stability.

Powering Up

This is a powerful year of transformation and change. Ensure you champion change with a clear vision. A year to evaluate your performance over the past 2 years and tweak and adjust your plans. A year of review and adjustment. A year to make choices of things to come.

Achieve balance between altruistic and egocentric behaviours. Reflect: Assess: Accept: Plan: Action. Stay on purpose.

 Don't start a business this year.

Start it next year. This year is too unstable… yin and yang up and down… keep it up... keep it positive... A good year to indulge in positive affirmations to keep you on track. Don’t move house. If you have relationship issues this is a year when you can make changes. Make them positive. A year to make changes for things to come.

Planet and Purpose Focus

You have landed. You know who you are, you understand what your purpose is here on this planet. You will feel responsible for this planet this year. You will have courage in your focus on your dreams. You will feel like a passionate parent wanting to protect and provide for your family (humanity).

You will be harvesting happiness, harvesting abundance. You will feel in control. You will feel confident and know who you are. You will connect with like-minded people to help create an ethical sustainable world. This year will be easy to display your talents, you will feel good. Take care not to impose your beliefs on others and show off… i.e. getting self-righteous.

Playfulness and Pleasure

A year of joy celebration and abundance. A year when you truly do harvest happiness and abundance. A year of fruition, a year of harvesting all what you have planted over the past 6 years. Abundance will flow. Pleasure will be abundant. A year of Celebration. Enjoy but remain balanced. A year when you will appreciate, aesthetic and artistic things. (Guard against seduction by appearance).

Please reflect on the past years to avoid difficulties in year 8 and 9. Ensure you are on plan. Ensure what you do is aligned to who you are. People purpose and business purpose alignment review. Pure pleasure at home and at work.


Peacefulness and Wisdom

The year of calm before the storm. Keep calm and carry on. You may feel held back as you want progression. So do you research.

This is also a year to seek wisdom and knowledge. A year to absorb. Be still and absorb. You may have a reserved appearance. A year to be still. You may feel frustrated as your voice is not being heard… which can lead you to being pushy and obstinate and stubborn.

 Inner peace.
A time to look inward again and be still and calm. Honest introspection may lead to a change of direction. Please take care on your inward journey, be aware of feelings of frustration and hopelessness. Do not Self Destruct (especially Number 6 people who are sensitive to self-criticism).





A year when you will be in the spotlight.

A year of clarity, fame, recognition. Your enthusiasm (inner fire) will be overflowing with passion. You will be being noticed for good or bad actions, (make it good). Year of Great opportunity for rapid development and fame. Don’t get burned, a very hot fiery year. Balance your time to avoid anxiety. Enjoy the limelight.

 Illuminate the world, make a difference, create positive change. You can do it this year. Enjoy.