Home Vibe


be healthy…

Have a sense of wellbeing and feel that your energy is strong and vibrant.
Live in an environment that is healthy for you , your family , friends and pets.

be happy…

Know that everything around you is in harmony and balanced.
Feel the happiness from within and spread that happiness all around you .

be wealthy…

Clear clutter from your home and renew your perspective and energy , allowing new opportunities to enter.
Sense that there is flow in your money and have faith be an abundant thinker.

be loved…

Love yourself and love will come to you.
Like attracts like and love attracts love! .

be friends…

Have people around you that are good for you and make you smile .
Know that your friends are there for you and in return you are there for them.

be confident…

Feel fulfilled in everything you do, knowing you make a difference and that people appreciate you.

Welcome To Home Vibe

Creating Healthy Happy Home Vibes.
Lionel and I are here to give you guidance for living and working in healthy happy environments. We want to inspire you with the Eastern Philosophies and Ancient wisdom for these modern times.
We want to help you to transform your home and areas of your life that you feel need to change.
The time is NOW don’t hesitate any longer get your life on track where you want to be and attract people that you want to be in your life
We look forward to meeting you

Healthy Home Vibe Consultation
Here, we will focus on your health and well-being. Using healthy home vibe checklist to make you aware of any invisible hazards that are present and make suggestions on how to reduce the impact of these Invisible hazards include harmful Earth Energies known as Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields and Microwaves.

We use professional meters that give reading to identify the presence of Magnetic Fields and Microwaves that you can check out yourself.

There are a lot of simple things you can do to protect from these invisible hazards to significantly improve your sleep and general wellbeing.

If you would like a Healthy Home Vibe Consultation please click here and fill in the confidential questionaire to guide us on your needs


Happy Home Vibe Consultation
We will help you identify 3 areas of your life that you feel you would like to improve and using the Home Vibe template will assess what might need to be removed or added to your home to enhance those areas.

De Cluttering your home and placing things with intention for what you want out of life can bring amazing benefits for you and your family. This is a fun and exciting part of the consultation and will bring insight to the impact your home has on you and how you can improve things.

Another part of this consultation includes a look at the external position of your home. Giving advice on things you might be able to do to feel more secure and to get a good flow of energy coming into your home from outside.

An analysis of your bed positions might throw light on how to promote more relaxed and rejuvenating sleep for you and your family

If you would like a Happy Home Vibe Consultation please click here and fill in the confidential questionaire to guide us on your needs.